Future Culture
at Lloyd's

We are determined to create a working environment at Lloyd’s where everyone feels safe, valued and respected. Creating an inclusive marketplace is a priority for us and crucial to our long-term success. This website provides you with information on the steps we are taking to move the dial and make the Lloyd's market a brilliant place for everyone. Whoever they are.

Lloyd's Culture Advisory Group

An independent Culture Advisory Group has been set up to provide expert advice and robust challenge to help ensure that Lloyd’s is taking the right actions to effect sustainable and measurable change.

Building an inclusive Lloyd's marketplace

We remain committed to focusing on the actions we can take today to shape our future into one we can be truly proud to stand by. As a result, we have announced a number of initiatives to help improve the experience of Black and Minority Ethnic talent in the Lloyd's market.

Lloyd's confidential 24/7 AdviceLine

This confidential service offers practical advice and support for anyone experiencing bullying or harassment in their working environment.

UK: 0333 212 3510

International: +44(0)1452 623 237

“The standards you accept across your community become your own. Lloyd's leadership is committed to transforming the culture at Lloyd's with shared values that will shape the behaviours, choices and actions of everyone in the marketplace."

John Neal, CE
O, Lloyd's

Future Culture

Making the Lloyd's market safe and inclusive for everyone

Lloyd's is committed to creating a culture built on shared values, that shapes the behaviour and actions of people working in the Lloyd's market. This will address the key themes arising from Lloyd's culture survey, underpinning The Future at Lloyd's.

Download the future culture infographic, explaining what the first Lloyd's market culture survey told us and the actions Lloyd's is taking as a result.

Gender balance

Making the market welcoming for all

  • Market-leading family friendly policies launched in the Lloyd's Corporation in Q2 2019
  • Continue and grow targeted training and development programmes to increase gender balance
  • Set gender balance targets for the Lloyd's market for boards, executive committees and their direct reports. Track progress and publish results from Q2 2020

Speaking up

Ensuring everyone is heard

  • Confidential, independently managed ActionLine set up in Q2 2019
  • Clear and simple Standards of Business Conduct issued, with oversight from Lloyd’s
  • Active bystander training to empower individuals to act and intervene when they witness inappropriate behaviour provided across the Lloyd’s market from Q3 2019
  • Speaking up campaign to be implemented in Q4 2019 to encourage everyone to take responsibility and act when they witness or experience inappropriate behaviour


Championing wellbeing

  • Wellbeing@Lloyd’s enhanced programme of workshops, events and resources to support wellbeing across the Lloyd’s market
  • 120 trained and visible wellbeing champions in place and growing
  • Wellbeing campaign to raise awareness of personal resilience and mental wellbeing Q2 2020


Owning accountability at board level

  • Talent and Culture Non-Executive Director appointed for Lloyd’s Corporation Q3 2019
  • External expert advisory group to set metrics and inform action plans in Q4 2019
  • Lloyd’s culture dashboard with CEO responsibility to measure progress from Q2 2020
  • Progress published in Lloyd’s annual report

Standards of business conduct at Lloyd's

Ensuring the standards of business conduct are clearly understood by everyone

These standards of business conduct apply to all passholders and market participants and will be overseen by the Corporation of Lloyd’s. Everyone should have a clear understanding of the behaviours expected and the consequences of failing to meet these expectations.